Boathouse and Lift Inspections

Have your boathouse and lift inspected by a professional

We are very experienced in boathouse and boat lift inspections.

Docks and inspections

A well built boat dock and boat house offers lakeside living at its best. The convenient access to the open water right from your backyard has an unquantifiable value.However, all boat docks, boat houses and boat lifts require regular routine maintenance to help maintain their beauty, function and safety. For wood docks, one of the biggest issues we see are that the deck boards start to splinter. Fortunately, this can be a relatively easy fix. You might need to sand down certain sections to prevent further breaks. In other cases, you might need to replace the entire board.Ob viously wood docks don’t last forever, but staying on top of the smaller dock repairs can help it stay sturdy through the upcoming seasons. If you want to avoid these maintenance details, you can always upgrade your dock to composite boards. These materials won’t splinter, plus they still have that natural look with a wood-like texture and design.
Septic Inspections

Inspecting Your Dock or Boathouse

Dock Inspections
Early spring is the best time to check out your dock to make sure you’re ready for the upcoming season. Checking your dock in early spring is a good idea for residential properties. Homeowners, public docks, and other commercial sites on the water want to make sure their dock is safe for the years ahead. Regularly scanning your dock for loose connections and keeping an ear out for loud noises around your dock can help you catch any issues long before any major repairs are needed.

One sure sign that your dock will need spring maintenance is if you hear any obvious, loud noises when waves hit your dock. This is cause for concern because that sound could relate to metal-on-metal activity. If your dock equipment is knocking around too much, something can eventually break off and fall in the water.

We will inspect the visible areas of your structure including the pilings, cap boards, structural support members, the electrical (if any). We will inspect the boat lift system for any signs of fatigue or excessive wear. When possible, we will operate the boat lift to ensure the unit is functioning.